End of Life Doula
Providing Services Across Brisbane, Redlands and surrounds

Service Options

Service Options for the Individual

With compassion, engage in conversation and information sharing
Be present as an ‘end of life companion’ for vigiling when active dying occurs
Explore service options
Participate in relaxation therapies e.g. guided meditation
Accompany to appointments (personal/medical)
Co-create life story / eulogy
Co-craft farewell messages to loved ones
Ceremony planning for life celebrations ~ living wake
Co-craft funeral and ceremony options
Provide end of life emotional support and information for family & friends

Service Options for Family & Friends

Assist with facilitating end of life discussions, preparation and information sharing
Assist with service navigation for carers
Discuss and plan funeral / ceremony options
Provide respite during loved one’s active dying transitioning
Assist with after death body care and rituals/ceremony
Offer Funeral Celebrant services
Provide bereavement and practical information & support after the death of loved one

Personal Consultations

Call Jacqui to discuss your individual needs

Death is part of life...

In our society we often disassociate death treating it with a separateness from being alive, when in fact death is part of life. We are all going to die. That’s a statistic we can’t change. Yet so few people don’t want to talk about dying or death; and few plan for it.

We plan for births, weddings, holidays, what car we want to buy, what suburb we want to live in; what house we will live in… yet few of us plan, prepare or talk about what we value most and what our wishes are if we are dying or after we are dead.

Although it is often personally confronting when faced with our own mortality; and it can be challenging to have conversations about death and dying with those you love, these are very important conversations to have.

When you do have these conversations and put your affairs in order, there is often a great “sense of relief” and satisfaction that you have been able to share this important information; and a recognition that by doing this you hopefully will reduce some of the burden of decision-making for those you love in the event that decisions have to be made on your behalf due to illness, accident or death.

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End of Life Doula

Think of Jacqui as an end of life consultant or end of life support person. Her role includes being ‘present’ to actively listen  and hold  conversations about life, dying and death.

Jacqui offers end of life information, offers emotional support and guidance, assists to navigate and coordinate services, helps you to craft your life story, or a story of someone you love; co-crafts and facilitates ceremonies before and after death.

She provides respite, emotional and practical support for loved ones, and ‘holds space’ with the dying person as part of natural life transitioning.

Did you know?

In Australia, and internationally, the role of the End of Life Doula (End of Life Consultant, End of Life Midwife, Death Doula, Deathwalker) is evolving as our society recognises how this role value-adds in promoting conversations, assists with planning and supports end of life care.

Want to know more?

Professor Allan Kellehear (June 2018)

Patron of Living Well Dying Well. Watch his compelling video on Compassionate Communities and End of Life / Death Doulas.

End of Life Doula Directory

Provides a list of End of Life Doulas across Australia.

Natural Death Advocacy Network

Australian network & advocacy supporting holistic approaches on dying and death



Why not talk with Jacqui today to see how she might be able to assist you or someone you love? 0402 496 360

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