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Throughout the years, I have directly cared for the dying. Supported grieving families and friends. Written and presented life stories and ceremonies. And have had the privilege of meeting some remarkable people. All who have been anything but ordinary.” It was with this background, and passion, that my business End of Life Transitions evolved.

After spending many years as a health professional working in aged and palliative care, I was aware that whilst community and hospital healthcare teams were providing the clinical expertise for end-of-life care, there were significant periods of time where the dying person and their loved ones were having to negotiate, by themselves, the transition of dying. Often feeling quite ‘alone’, somewhat daunted and sometimes ‘scared’. This was whether the person lived at home, or was in hospital or in a nursing home.

Personally I have experienced the loss of very close family members and friends — some who had expected deaths and some whose deaths were sudden and unplanned.

I have known the extreme pain felt in losing someone who was part of the very fabric of who I am as a person, and acknowledge that the sadness, sense of loss and grief I have felt was a symbol of the love that I felt for the person who has died.

These losses have allowed me time to reflect and to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual person; and my evolution to becoming an End of Life Doula. It also has made me see how very important it is to have a ceremony.

And it is through ceremony and rituals that we can capture a loved one’s ‘story’ and pay tribute to the life that has been lost.

So it is with this in mind that, if I am chosen as your Funeral Celebrant, I promise to co-create and craft a service that will leave a memorable ‘gift’ of the person you loved….

… On Being an End of Life Doula

For the person who is dying there is a genuine need to provide spiritual & emotional support which allows an avenue for expressing ‘what is most important’ to that person; what are their priorities and what choices do they wish to make during this end of life transition; and

For the dying person’s loved ones – it is important to know that they are ‘not walking this journey alone’ and that this experience can be shared through informing, guidance and support .

… On Being a Funeral Celebrant

End of Life Transitions also evolved from my desire to create a highly personalised funeral experience where, with the loved ones, I co-create a “story” – whether a short or long life; whether a story of sadness or celebration, or both – that leaves the bereaved with a ‘positive’ lasting memory of the life that has been lost.

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