Community Engagement

Compassionate Communities is a global social movement encouraging local communities to connect, work together and support one another with compassion at the end of life.
You too can embrace and participate as a part of a compassionate community!

Compassionate Communities

When Jacqui first explored being an End of Life Doula, she came across a wonderful video by an Australian Professor – Allan Kellehear who remains the originator of this social movement. This global social movement embraces a ‘whole-of-community’ approach to end of life support – actively encouraging living well right up to death.

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Feeling a Connection

Jacqui is part of this social evolution and she actively engages with local communities to share information, provide workshops and improve death literacy and discussions about all aspects of death and dying”.

Information Sessions

Jacqui provides community information sessions on end of life planning to community groups e.g. Lions, Rotary, Senior Citizen groups.


Jacqui facilitates workshops where a variety of different end of life topics are discussed e.g. what to expect when someone is dying; advance care planning; the role of the End of Life Doula

Death Cafes

Death Cafés provide a relaxed, comfortable and informal environment for members of a local community to come together over a cuppa and explore, talk and share questions and experiences about anything and everything to do with death. Jacqui facilitates Death Cafes across Brisbane and Redlands. For more information either contact Jacqui or go to either the Death Cafe website or Eventbrite.

Willow EOL Educatorᵀᴹ

Jacqui is Australia’s first licenced Willow EOL Educatorᵀᴹ offering online (virtual) and face-to-face workshops that transform the conversations around death and dying creating a rich opportunity for personal growth and community connection.

Willow EOL Educatorᵀᴹ

Jacqui's Philosophy

It’s about caring for each other at times of loss and need; and about local communities taking a ‘social responsibility’ for the dying and those who are grieving.

For more on Jacqui’s community engagement, call 0402 496 360

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