Compassionate Communities ~ Let’s change death and dying in our communities

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Being part of a Compassionate Community is about harnessing a community’s uniqueness and engaging in the community’s spirit. It’s about being a community that supports people of all ages who are living with a life-limiting condition, their family and friends caring for them; and the bereaved. One that supports and empowers the community to action and positively transform the end-of-life experience for individuals and their carers. And a community that acknowledges the importance of being there for those grieving after the death of a loved one or friend.

Because that’s what a Compassionate Community (“ComCom”) is. A community where members of that community are knowledgeable and informed about how to support and care for people experiencing death, dying, and the social isolation that often comes with grief and loss. A community which is empathetic and resilient, because when we are motivated by wisdom and compassion, the results of our actions benefit everyone [1]

When we are motivated by wisdom and compassion, the results of our actions benefit everyone 

It’s a whole-of-community approach to extend a helping hand when people need it the most and where not just health professionals and health services but also businesses, workplaces, schools, faith-based services, community organisations and neighbours offer support to some of our community’s most vulnerable persons. Whether they are living in their own home, a residential aged care facility; or they are in hospital.

To watch a brilliant video by Professor Allan Kellehear – founder of Compassionate Communities – go to this link where he talks about how we can engage communities, particularly with the support of end-of-life/death doulas!

And if you live in Victoria Point or Coochiemudlo Island areas in Queensland, give me a call !



[1] Dalai Lama XIV


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