COVID-19 and a ‘new norm’

Grassy hills at sunrise.

November 2020

The unprecedented changes occurring across Australia and the globe, and the ongoing societal changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, are leaving us all feeling engulfed in a whole range of emotions for many reasons. Myself included.

We are experiencing on the greatest of scales a “new norm” as we all try to adapt to these significant changes.

And whilst we have a lot to be thankful for when compared with the rest of the world, there is still a great sense of grief and loss – and in some cases, anger – as families and friends have been unable to spend precious time and moments with those they love. The well, the ill, the dying and the bereaved.

I hear the pain in the conversations I have on a regular basis and I have no doubt that we are just seeing the beginning of the mental health toll from COVID-19 which will be generational in nature.

2020 will be a year that no one will forget… the pain and the kindness

One of my health professional colleagues, John yesterday spoke at the Palliative Care Queensland 2020 Summit and he flagged how profound it was when he attended an international Zoom conference recently and the conference began with 1 minutes silence in memory of all of the health professionals who had died from COVID-19; including some of the delegates who had registered for the very conference he was attending.

Hearing this humbles me….

COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate…

But amongst the pain and challenges, it has also created an amazing resurrection of ‘random acts of kindness’…’paying it forward’; of creativity and of innovation. And in some ways, it has created a greater connection between people from across the whole world like we have never experienced before.

We a common challenge, but a united focus.

So in the midst of much ongoing loss and change, it is important to try to remember the positive. And it is this positivity that demonstrates the amazing resilience and strength that is within us all…

Keep as safe as you can… and may you find something each day that brings you peace.

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